The first berry-themed hotel in the Stelvio National Park

The Stelvio National Park's first berry themed hotel stands out for its unique focus on a fruit that is typically grown in this valley.

Relaxing in the hotel room, the Berry Hotel BergfriedenThemed hotel rooms, holiday in the Val MartelloStrawberries from the Val Martello, holiday in South Tyrol

With plenty of “sweet and fruity” details we want to amaze and excite the visitors, encouraging them to enjoy their holiday in the romantic Val Martello / Martelltal.
The fruity "berry concept” is to be found in every qualitative aspect brought to the guest: the berry philosophy does not only apply to the furnishing, decoration and accessories, but to the guests’ activity programs as well.

The specialist marketing approach and offer, the exploitation of Val Martello / Martelltal’s world famous strawberry paradise and the synergies between tourism and agriculture, promise concrete advantages over competitors in the market. A "fruity concept" with guaranteed success in the tourism sector.


The guest perceives the "philosophy of berries" throughout the whole chain of services, from the first information until the actual stay and after the holidays

7 Top Experiences in the Berry Hotel and National Park:

  1. Guided excursions with your hosts
  2. Spectacular wildlife in the National Park
  3. Travel on the Vinschger Railway
  4. Snow-shoeing excursions, cross country skiing, and back-country skiing in winter
  5. Hiking without boundaries
  6. Berry-based evening meals – a delicious idea
  7. Collect Berry Tokens

Experience: cycling culture & pleasure

from 03.06. to 17.06.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 420 Euro

Attention ladies: Holidays at half price

from 13.05. to 20.05.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 217,50 Euro