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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Culture emotion in Val Venosta / Vinschgau

  • Visitors Centre in the National Park „culturamartell“

    The visitor scenter is located in Val Martello / Martelltal, directly on main road near the Trattla leisure center The permanent exhibition deals with the culture and the cultural landscape of Val Martello / Martelltal, the typical human traits of the local inhabitants and the multifaceted history of the valley. The quest for fortune and deep bond with the earth give the exhibition a unique character.

    Further information: Visitors Centre in the National Park „culturamartell“
  • Upper Montani Castle

    The castle was built in 1228 by Albert II of Tyrol as a bulwark against the bishops of Coira. The castle is also the site of discovery of an original manuscript from the Nibelungenlied dating back to 1323. Today, this unique manuscript is preserved as the code of the Nibelungs in Berlin’s Staatsbibliothek.

  • Lower Montani Castle (Ruins)

    Property of the Annenberger family in the fourteenth century, the structure shows interesting original details such as the drawbridge system, the portal and a small fenced enclosure.

  • Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Laces / Latsch

    The church dates from the twelfth century and incorporates neo-Gothic and Romanesque style elements. The main portal, in white marble, was built in 1524 by Oswald Furter. The north aisle contains a slab of red sandstone from the year 1350.

  • Juval Castle

    The castle was built in 1278 on a prehistoric site. Since 1983 it is the residence of Reinhold Messner, who has also used it to organize several art collections such as a very complete collection of Tibetan objects, a gallery of mountain images and a collection of masks from five continents.

    Further information: Juval Castle

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