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Museums in Val Venosta / Vinschgau

  • Visitors' Center culturamartell

    As one of the five visitor centers located within the South Tyrolean Stelvio National Park theVisitors Center culturamartell brings to life the everyday life and fate of mountain farmers through images, articles of daily use and recorded stories.

    Further information: Visitors' Center culturamartell
  • Museum of the Ortles / Ortler Region

    The Museum of the Ortles / Ortler Region tells the history of tourism and Alpinism over the past 100 years of the Ortles Region and also serves as a monument to the nearby mountain front during WWI.

    Further information: Museum of the Ortles / Ortler Region
  • Messner Mountain Museum Juvale / Juval and Ortles / Ortler

    Two of the five Messner Mountain Museums are located in the Venosta / Vinschgau Valley. The Messner Mountain Museum Ortles / Ortler is situated at an altitude of 1,900m in Solda and is constructed underground; the Messner Mountain Museum Juvale / Juval is located in the castle of the same name above Naturno / Naturns.

    Further information: Messner Mountain Museum Juvale / Juval and Ortles / Ortle
  • Sluderno / Schluderns Gate Tower

    Since 2011, the Sluderno / Schluderns Gate Tower in Glorenza / Glurns has dominated the exhibition “Stations of a Small Town”. The local history of the town of Glorenza / Glurns is told by means of its trade and defense, markets and professions.

    Further information: Sluderno / Schluderns Gate Tower
  • Venosta / Vinschger Valley Museum

    The Venosta / Vinschger Valley Museum in Sluderno / Schluderns has two permanent exhibitions. In “Archaic Venosta Vallex” the archeology and early history of the Rhaetian Triangle is presented, while the “Wasserwosser” is dedicated to the highly developed irrigation system of the „Waale“.

    Further information: Venosta / Vinschger Valley Museum
  • Paul Flora Museum

    In the Church Gate Tower of Glorenza / Glurns there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the artist Paul Flora. This native son of Glorenza / Glurns became famous as a caricaturist for the well-known weekly paper “Die Zeit”, for which he worked for nearly 25 years. Flora’s life was mainly spent in Innsbruck, but Glorenza / Glurns was throughout his life an important point of reference. He was buried at his own request in the cemetery of Glorenza / Glurns in 2009.

    Further information: Paul Flora Museum

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