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in Martello, South Tyrol 

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Wildlife watching in the National Park - You won’t meet wolves or bears in the national park but you will encounter a great number and variety of animals that have their habitats here: deer, chamois, ibex, marmots and foxes and even badgers and weasels. Keep your eyes open and you might see buzzards, hawks, owls and eagles.

During a guided wildlife watching excursion you will see all these animals in South Tyrol’s only National Park: the ‘Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio’, one of Europe’s largest and most interesting protected areas.

Link to the National Park:

Berry week in the Stelvio National Park

from 01.07. to 15.07.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 441 Euro

The scent of Christmas & melodies of New Year’s Eve

from 26.12. to 02.01.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 525 Euro