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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Visitors Centers

  • Visitors Center culturamartell

    culturamartell is one of four visitor centers in Stelvio National Park. The main topics of the exhibition are farm culture, man within the Alpine landscape and the symbiosis between man and nature which has developed over the centuries.

    Further information: Visitors Center culturamartell
  • Visitors Center avimundus

    The Visitors Center avimundus in Silandro / Schlanders is dedicated entirely to the fascinating world of local bird species.

    Further information: Visitors Center avimundus
  • Visitors Center naturatrafoi

    The visitor center naturatrafoi is dedicated to the different aspects of the unique natural landscape of Stelvio National Park. This includes the geology of the Ortles / Ortler Mountain Range as well as the living environments and adaptation strategies of fauna and flora in the high mountains.

    Further information: Visitors Center naturatrafoi
  • Visitors Center aquaprad

    In the exhibition rooms of Visitors Center aquaprad the focus is on water, providing insight into the fascinating underwater world of the mountains.

    Further information: Visitors Center aquaprad

Berry week in the Stelvio National Park

from 01.07. to 15.07.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 441 Euro

Attention ladies: Holidays at half price

from 13.05. to 20.05.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 217,50 Euro