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The strawberry

Origin and varieties

The strawberry as we know it is not that old after all. It was only ‘born’ 250 years ago, derived from the wild forest strawberries, belonging to the family of the Rosaceae.
From a botanic viewpoint the strawberry is in fact not a berry but a false fruit belonging to the fruticose group. A great variety of strawberries is now available and they come in all sizes, shapes and colour shades.


Even though 90% of it is made of water, the strawberry is a very healthy fruit with very few calories (a 250g tray has approximately 100 calories). The bright red “additives” that protect the strawberry from dangerous substances and bacteria do protect ourselves as well once we eat the berries!

Phenolic acids belonging to the category of polyphenols (such as ellagic and ferulic acids) have a crucial role in the inhibition of tumor cells. Certain tannic substances (such as catechin), incorporate the toxic heavy metals in our intestines and aid in case of indigestion. No other fruit in our area is so rich in manganese, a precious trace element that contributes to the metabolic action, to the production of blood, to the strengthening of bones, providing dyeing pigments for hair and skin and stimulating the formation of thyroid hormones.

The strawberry has a surprisingly high amount of folic acid, extremely important for cell growth and blood formation. Do not forget that the small yellow seeds (actually fruits) are used as valuable edible fiber. The leaves and roots of strawberries contain active substances that are used in pharmacological treatments, and the tea made from the leaves of the strawberry is especially recommended for diabetics because of its positive reaction to insulin resistance.
There are however many people that present an allergic reaction to strawberry (bubbles in the mouth and on the lips).

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