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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Forest Rope Garden

A genuine nature experience can also be found at the Forest Rope Garden Lasa in Litzer Waldele. The site opened in 2010 and offers 7 courses with 80 platforms of different heights and levels of difficulty.

Forest Rope Garden Lasa Alliz is also suitable for children and with its nearby BBQ area also offers the opportunity to combine a visit to the Forest Rope Garden with an enjoyable picnic.

Also suitable for all age groups is the Rope Garden Ötzi Rope Park at Lake Vernago / Vernagt. It is located in the midst of a fantastic natural landscape above an impressive canyon. Here you can balance at heights of between 2 to 18m on bars, ropes, bridges and swings from one platform to the next. The absolute peak while visiting Ötzi Rope Park is the 50m high Flying Fox: while hanging from a steel rope you can cross the canyon and Val Senales / Schnalstal Creek.

Toerggelen - autumn pleasure 6+1

from 13.10. to 20.10.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 360 Euro

Berry week in the Stelvio National Park

from 01.07. to 15.07.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 441 Euro