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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Sauna world in Val Martello / Martelltal

Sauna restores body and spirit to their natural balance. The body's defenses are strengthened, circulation stimulated, skin is taken care of and tonified.

Sauna world in the Hotel Bergfrieden in South TyrolSauna of the Berry Hotel Bergfrieden in South TyrolSauna in the wellness area of the Hotel Bergfrieden

Here's our advice for an effective sauna session:

  • Do not take the sauna when too hungry or after having eaten
  • Cleanse your body and dry carefully
  • If your feet are cold, take a warm footbath
  • Each sauna session should last from 8 to 12 minutes, maximum 15. You can be sitting or lying quietly on a towel.
  • A jet of steam increases the pleasure of the sauna. The evaporating water is good for the body’s airways and stimulates further sweating.
  • We recommend cooling off with a shower afterwards.
  • Go in the jet shower
  • Then you can sit down or walk around slowly
  • If necessary repeat the refreshing shower

After the body has cooled down you can, depending on how you feel, choose to take a second and possibly a third session. To compensate for the loss of fluids, drink mineral water or fruit juice after the session. It is healthy and refreshing.

Attention ladies: Holidays at half price

from 13.05. to 20.05.2018 7 x HB p.p. from 217,50 Euro

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