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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Alpine skiing in Val Martello / Martelltal

Alpine skiing – off the beaten track - A tour within the silence of the mountains, your own marks in the fresh deep snow, solitary descents … the glaciers area of the upper Val Martello / Martelltal with its towering “3000” is a real paradise for alpine skiing lovers.

Alpine skiing in the winter holidays in South Tyrol

We recommend you always undertake any excursions with our expert alpine guides. Ask us for more detailed information and tips for your alpine skiing excursions.

This is where demanding athletes and fans find a real challenge. The Marmotta Trophy alpine ski contest takes place here every year. Since 2009 the race ranks as Italian team league contest. Many other contests for ski lovers and beginners also take place at the same time. A stunning 1869 m uphill altitude variation! The 2009 edition of the Marmot Trophy was attended by nearly 270 athletes from different categories. Information on the race and news can be found at:



Getting there: Proceed through Goldrain im Vinschgau to the far end of the Martell Valley via Morter until you reach the large car park after the inn Gasthaus Enzianhütte, 2051 m.

Starting point: Car park at the end of the valley, 2051 m; Zufallhütte cabin, 2264 m; Martellerhütte cabin, 2610 m.

Ascent: From the car park there is a trail up to the Zufallhütte cabin that is usually easy to find. Just past the cabin it leads off to the left (south-west) through a narrow pass of boulders and on to the level valley floor of the Plimabach stream where we come to the old retaining wall. The trail proceeds on level to the west, then turns to the left (south), leading up a steeper slope to the broad basin below the Fürkeleferner. At a height of approximately 2550 meters we turn to right and see the Martellerhütte cabin, which we keep on the left, heading instead towards the Zufallspitze for some distance. We then turn left and ascend some fairly steep flanks in a south-easterly direction up to the Hohenferner. Then it’s on southwards across the level glacier and up an increasingly steep slope to the saddle to the right of the peak, which we now have no trouble reaching.

Descent: Along the ascent trail.

Difference in altitudes: Approx. 1300 m from the car park; a good 700 m from the Martellerhütte cabin.

Ascent times: Total time 4.5 hrs.; from the Martellerhütte cabin 2.5 hrs.

Alerts/difficult conditions: A safe avalanche situation is required for this popular tour. Particular caution is necessary on the steep flanks below the Hohenferner and at the peak! On the glacier there are occasionally dangerous cracks!

Experience: cycling culture & pleasure

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