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in Martello, South Tyrol 

Biathlon in Martello / Martell

The energy of biathlon and cross-country skiing - Martello / Martell’s biathlon and cross-country skiing centre boasts 12 km of perfectly prepared sky runs and the first electronic shooting facility in a high altitude fairylike landscape. Ideal for professionals and beginners (courses available).

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Cross-country skiing is a healthy sport, closely tied to nature, which stimulates almost all muscle groups. If you have never tried cross-country skiing, try a beginner course first.

For several years the FISI association for winter sports has placed Martello / Martell’s sports association in charge of organizing events and competitions (in the 10 m polygon), always with satisfactory results. Since 2001 it has been possible to organize more challenging biathlon events thanks to the new electronic polygon for small gauges.

Note: in 2007 the junior & youth biathlon World Championships took place in Martello Biathlon!

Toerggelen - autumn pleasure 6+1

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